Release 2.0 is open to all users

20 November 2021

Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta testing of version 1.0

You helped us a lot to understand what needs to be finalized and how to change the form of the project.

So lead hunter has its own new concept.


Main functionality

The first and basic tool is, of course, the search for leads (google businesses that do not have panoramas).

A little about this.

We have structured the niche business, and removed many that are not interesting in terms of sales.

Now we have learned how to analyze panoramas for google business. So we know for sure when a google business has panoramas from google or panoramas uploaded by users. In addition, the presence of panoramas posted by users is not always a sign of professional virtual tours. Often these are non-professional 360 photos uploaded by different users.

Therefore, we have added the ability to filter search results by setting a criterion for the number of panoramas posted by one account. Our practice has shown that it is usually enough to set a filter for 3 panoramas posted by 1 user, this will remove all Google businesses with professional tours from the results.

And of course, our solution not only finds Google businesses without panoramas, but also searches for contacts of all leads.

This saves a lot of time and allows you to focus on sales and not preparation.


Paid features

We wanted to make such a tool that everyone could use to some extent, even for free.

First of all, so that everyone can try different sales strategies for free to build their business.

This is how 2 types of lead search appeared:

Deep search - we find all Google businesses that match your criteria. The results are not limited - we find all businesses that match the search criteria that are on Google maps and analyze them for panoramas. We also search for contacts of all leads.

Free Search - just like a Deep search, but results are limited to no more than 20 leads. This search can be used no more than 3 times a day.


For convenience, we have introduced an internal currency - Hunting Coins. Also, flexible tariffs for the purchase of hunting coins have been developed.

If you are located in a large city, get 100-200 potential customers in each business niche for only $1.6-2 and do not spend many hours on manual analysis.

Yes, it is very profitable and worth a try for everyone who is interested in new orders.


This is just the beginning. Stay with us and see many more interesting things that are somehow connected with your field of activity.

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